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Want to make your bathtub into a relaxing aromatherapy floral spa bath in minutes? Well then you have to try our all NEW Studio L Flower Bomb Bath Bags. Each Flower Bomb bag offers only the highest quality of ingridients. We start by creating our custom essential oil blends and colorful bath bombs rocks, to give you a unique aroma therapy experiance with each bath. Each type has specific dried organic flowers to cater to your personal needs. Such as Rose, for hydration, lavender to calm and destress, sweet jasmine buds, that enhances mood, and chamomile and rosemary to soothe skin and boost circulation to name a few. Last but not least we infuse our Studio L blend of  magnesium sulfate which is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body.  Soaking in it helps with detoxification, promotes sleep and stress reduction, excercise performance and recovery, combats inflammation and helps reduce pain and swelling. We currently fomulated 4 types that each have their own individual scents and healing properties. Looking for a pick me up, or to start your day off with high energy? then you would want our "Energize and Revive" blend. Or Maybe you're feeling energetically drained/ and are in need of a recharge, then you need our "Relax and Rejuvinate" blend. We also offer our antioxidant jam packed beauty bath blend "Fruit Punch" that is going to hyper charge the production of collagen and elastin in your skin and aid in the neutralization of free radicles which when not neutralized can at times can be the causes of cancer. Lastly if you are looking for all of the above, with even more healing benefits our "Holistic Healing" blend will offer a super charged healing experiance, and get you back to your normal frequency. Give us a try, and lets get back to the basics allowing nature to heal us.

Flower Bomb Bath Bags

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